Friday, 7 April 2017

What do Cigarettes do to Your Teeth

Cigarettes are something that many people speak out against, and many go after. While it causes a lot of various other issues in your body, this can do a lot of damage to your teeth.  But do you know how bad it can get? You might speak to your Roseburg Oregon dentist about this, but this article will highlight just how bad cigarette smoking can be for someone’s tooth health, and why it’s best to not do it.

The first and most obvious thing is tooth discoloration. Yellowing teeth is one of the most obvious signs that someone smokes. The chemicals within tobacco will stick to the enamel, causing it to stain. While tooth whitening will slow it down, if you continue to smoke, you won’t be able to completely reverse it, so it’s best to kick the habit as fast as you can.

Then there is the aspect of bad breath.  While some might say “your breath stinks, it smells like an ashtray” that’s not wrong.  Cigarette particles are found in the mouth after you finish a cigarette, which causes your breath to smell like that.  this also does attribute to the other long-term effects of bad breath. More bacteria will grow, which leads to bad breath.  Even with gargling with mouthwash and brushing, you won’t be able to get rid of the smell since it’s from gum disease, sores, and decay. The only way to fix this is to not smoke, and then go to the Roseburg Oregon dentist you have to help rectify the issues that you have.  Smoking also causes salivary gland inflammation, which leads to swelling that’s extremely painful and you might need to get surgery if you have salivary gland stones develop.

Then there is gum disease.  According to reports from the CDC, people that smoke are more prone to getting gum disease than those that don’t smoke. The risk will only increase with every cigarette you smoke, and these treatments won’t work as well on smokers.

The reason for that is because smoking will decrease your mouth’s chance to fight off the bacteria, which then causes it to build up and make its way to where the gums are. If not treated, the gums can pull away from the teeth causing the structures to weaken from this.  The most severe form is where the bone and tissue starts to break down, which causes it to fall out or you’ll have to take it out. If you lose teeth because your smoke, you’ll start to realize that it’s because your mouth doesn’t give a chance to heal. Smoking also counteracts brushing, rinses, tartar removal, and even flossing in many cases, so it’s not that great for you.

It can also delay healing.  Not only does it cause problems such as teeth falling out and surgery, it can also cause your body to slow down recovery from various oral procedures, and it also lowers the rate of implant procedures being successful.  It’s important to remember that the more you spend in this state, the more you’ll develop other complications. A dentist can help with this, but you’ll only make the problem worse if you smoke.

Then there is oral cancer.  About 50,000 people have oral cancer each year, with 80% coming from smokers. The risk only increases if you smoke and dream heavily.  You might start to notice this if you have a red or white patch along with difficulty chewing and swallowing, a numbness in your jaw, and ear pain. There might be other causes, but often, if you see this, you should go see a dentist right away.

For many people, they don’t realize just how bad smoking is for you. There are so many complications to this, and it’s imperative that you go see a dentist when you are smoking. However, it won’t fix the long-term results. If you want to save your teeth, and have a brighter, happier smile, the best thing for you to do, and really the healthiest thing to do, is for you to stop smoking. It’s bad for you in so many ways, and the long-term effects cause major problems.

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